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Have you ever been excited to start a new exercise program, shed a few pounds, and get in shape? It’s incredible, until about 2-3 weeks in when you suffer an injury, take a few days off and then never quite get back on track. Does this story sound familiar? You’re not alone. It happens all the time. So let’s take a look at how you can get active, reach your goals, and avoid those pesky injuries during those first few weeks.


Why it Matters:


While it’s impossible to avoid every potential injury, a balance of spinal strength and flexibility can help dramatically reduce your likelihood of getting injured.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your body. Long term strength is built through repetition. While there is a time and place for loading with max weight, if you are just getting started in a workout routine, it’s usually best to start slow by using lighter weights and working towards increasing your repetitions. Flexibility is the second key to staying injury free. Whether you are stretching during long work hours at the computer, practicing yoga on the weekends, or using Chiropractic care to improve your spinal (and extremity) range of motion, it’s essential to view flexibility as a journey rather than a destination. Every day that you take a proactive step with your strength and flexibility, you are reducing the chance of an injury, making progress towards your goals, and living a healthier life.


- Stretching can improve your flexibility and decrease your risk of injury.

- Dynamic (or movement-based) warm-ups have been shown to potentially enhance performance.

- Strength training can increase your resilience and prepare your body for activity.


Next Steps:


We understand that everyone has unique health goals. If you have a specific question about injury prevention based on the activities you love, ask! We believe that by taking a proactive approach with your health and wellness, you can have a more inspired and fulfilling life, and we’ll be here for you every step of the way.


Science Source(s):


Mayo Clinic: Stretching: Focus on Flexibility. 2017

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